Its Dysfunction and Its Attachment to the Wrong Monster:

The Far-Right (fascists) has a hand in most fringe subjects that relate to UFO stories, ET-whistleblowers, MK-Ultra, Artichoke, Deep State torture and abuse project, corporation like IGFarbon and Merc, and eugenics campaigns – that can all cross-reference into the occult and cutting-edge technology; this fascist side seems to be making itself known ever so slightly as we proceed into the future. Read More

Fundamentalist Christians and its Wrong Approach to Spiritual Teachings (02):

Evangelical Conquerors of Spirit and History:

There is an attempt from the Evangelical fundamentalist to evangelize people into the occult or cults, but not through understanding and meaning rather a warped version of (quasi-esoteric-Christian) control. When they discuss the Christian Church not advancing, but in retreat from a world that threatens her – by a front of evil that takes many garbs predominately by philosophers, psychologists, and psychiatrists that they are all in a conspiracy or part of that evil to push back the Christian Church. Read More


Fundamentalist Christians and its Wrong Approach to Spiritual Teachings:

Skepticism, Rationality and Faith are Your Shield Against Fundamentalist Christians (Updated from 23/10/2015)

Aside from atheists annoying detachment of God, both Atheists and Christians have one thing in common both believe, as Allan Watts puts it that the world is an ‘artifact’ of nature, how the artifact came into being is another matter. Previous essays I outlined that rationality breeds atheism. However, rationalism and skepticism is not a bad thing. Read More


Atheists and the Extreme Religious Right (04):

Part Four: Extreme Religious Right a Form of Control, and its Historic Beginnings. (Updated From 7th October 2015) 

I was once asked a question, “Do you believe in Christ?” and I replied “yes,” but I don’t believe in the Catholic Church, his faced appeared perplexed. He looked confused to my approach, and it’s probable that a question would instill him, of how can anyone believe in Christ and not the Church. If one examines the propensity for truth in themselves a thought might formulate in the mind that questions the current notion of the Church Institution, that it’s more corporate than anything else that we might associate it with. Read More


Atheists and the Extreme Religious Right (03):

Part Three:  A Post New-Atheism World, and the Dangers of the New-Fundamentalist Christian.

The extreme religious right that stem from the Evangelical Southern Baptist Christian groups has literal viewpoint of what Satan is, and that he is literally responsible for everything that is bad in the world. In Gnosticism one speaks of the Demiurge (the architect of creation, a god, but not the True God) is also known as the evil mind aka Jehovah. Read More

Atheists and the Extreme Religious Right (02):

Part two: Atheism, a Collective Push to Detach You from Yourself. (Updated from 30th September 2015) 

Atheism, a collective push to detach you from yourself, from your Universe, and from your God. In the previous essay; part one of this thesis. I outlined a group through their random interviews have one or another stated a lack faith in God.  For some people the word god is still a misrepresentation of what god may really be. Atheists that bind themselves with science are portrayed as group of intelligent people, but can’t differentiate between the mystery, actual events and dogmas, and so become dogmatic in themselves – at the same time convince the people that believe them to be dogmatic as well. Read More

Atheists and the Extreme Religious Right (01):

Part One: Rationality Breeds Atheism, an Examination of Steven Hawking. (Updated from 27th September 2015)

You will find that most highly intellectual people are rationalists, people we listened to with high standard. Physicists, Scientists, and Philosophers, they speak in ways that seem intelligent, they can formulate fancy math and formulas, which sounds very convincing. Read More