Atheists and the Extreme Religious Right (02):

Part two: Atheism, a Collective Push to Detach You from Yourself. (Updated from 30th September 2015) 

Atheism, a collective push to detach you from yourself, from your Universe, and from your God. In the previous essay; part one of this thesis. I outlined a group through their random interviews have one or another stated a lack faith in God.  For some people the word god is still a misrepresentation of what god may really be. Atheists that bind themselves with science are portrayed as group of intelligent people, but can’t differentiate between the mystery, actual events and dogmas, and so become dogmatic in themselves – at the same time convince the people that believe them to be dogmatic as well.

For some God could be the unknowable ‘Tao’ a word deriving from the ‘Tao Teh Ching,’ meaning, “the way.” It’s difficult to assume that this group is part of agenda to collectively promote this way of thinking (the nihilist or material way of thinking), or if it is just a bunch of individuals through no fault of their own collectively believing that there is no god.

Lord Martin Rees says that: “science of any kind that teaches us, is that even the simplest things are hard to understand, the Hydrogen Atom for instance, and that makes me rather suspicious of anyone who claims to have a quick and easy answer, to any deep aspect of reality, I think the most we can hope for is an incomplete and metaphorical understanding, and therefore I’m not myself someone who can accept any specific religious dogmas.” In simplest term, he basically says we have no full understanding of science and therefore any understanding of the Universe, and god must also be incomplete, he says “quick and easy answer, to any deep aspect of reality.” The truth is …anyone who’s had an enlightenment experience, will tell you; “oh! That’s all it is, how I can be so blind it’s been with me all this time, it’s so easy and simple.” Being enlightened is not for the chosen, it’s merely arbitrary, Allan Watts describes it like catching a cold, it comes then it goes – and it feels like a universal harmonizing feeling, but it’s a cold you don’t want to lose. Some people seek holistic drugs, Zen, and yoga meditation, but for others it comes out of the blue. Lord Martin Rees has indirectly told the truth by saying the best we can hope for is an incomplete and metaphorical understanding, so by having the awareness of understanding then truth is complete. The metaphorical understanding can be measured more by joining rationale calculation and the meta-physics with body and spirit.

Don’t be swayed by technical Jargon and vocabulary it is just a means of trickery, a sleight of hand. Most conventional thinkers will box in meta-physics as pseudo-science, even when the evidence is undeniable backed by evidence through their conventional science. They have a habit of flip-flopping the truth and the context with definitions and suggestions. Nor am I saying this to push a sort of pseudo mysticism, I’m only reporting what is already out there. However, Atheists only push and demystify the Supernatural. Even though with their notion of the big bang theory that is inherently supernatural, something out of nothing, by definition is supernatural.

Sam Harris talking about neuroscience says: “everything about your mind can be damaged, by damaging the brain, you can cease to recognize faces, cease to know the name of animals, but still name tools, the fragmentation in which our mind is parcellated, the level of the brain, is not at all intuitive, and there are a lot to know about it, what we’re being ask to consider is that if you damage one part of the brain, subjectivity is lost, damage another more is lost, and yet you damage the whole thing at death, we can rise of the brain with our faculties intact recognizing grandma and speaking English.” I can only imagine how brain damaged this guy is.

Sam Harris is basically deconstructing the brain like bio-mechanical computer, well many computers are connected through a source called the Net or the Web, and before they’re connected you have to set the Wi-Fi or connect it to a device that enables connectivity. The brain has gland called the Pineal-gland and is responsible for dreams this gland creates D.M.T, this gland also functions as a bio Wi-Fi to connect to the source. However, this source is greater than we can imagine – some are familiar with the source as the unknowable Tao. If your computer is missing any parts there is no way to connect to the net. If a part of your brain is damaged, it will detour to reach the source, in doing this, you lose other parts like memory or moto functions, but it’s designed so well that Pineal gland is smack bang in the middle of the brain with layers of grey before it. We know we can measure thoughts by measuring the wavelengths and frequency, yet there isn’t anything in the brain that holds them (thoughts). Is it possible you create your thoughts into the external world from your mind? This could explain intuition, so with a combination of emotions and thoughts you can still get your message across. Have you wondered how animals communicate; all based on psychic connectivity, Harris says “it’s not all intuitive,” it’s actually intuitive and more. Harris later proclaims that we rise from the brain – this is an attempt to demystify the supernatural. Meta-physics is a study beyond physics, this is basic 101 – consciousness is separate from the brain and the body. Harris’s logic is outdated and backwards.

Some great books outlining the subject of meta-science, to unravel an understanding for this topic – Lee Blaydon, “The science of Spirituality,” Dalai Lama, “A Universe in a Single Atom,” Dr Moss Amos, “The Basic Code of the Universe” and Dr Charles T. Tart, “The End of Materialism.”

Richard Feynman on religious stories; with his glib like vocabulary states: “I can’t believe the special stories that’s been made up, they seem too simple too connected, too local too provisional, the Earth, they came to the Earth! One of the aspects of God came to Earth! Mind you! And look what’s out there how can it be in proportion.” Juliana Hatfield alternative rock singer described it well, “Simplicity is Beautiful,” I’m astonished how he couldn’t say the word Jesus Christ, and it’s a typical anti-Christ mindset, damaging one at that.

The Flower of Life is a symbol that can only be described as simplicity combining with complexity – the understanding of this symbol is more predominant in the minds of the collective by the example of an Embryo splitting in to two, then four. Everything in creation comes from this sacred geometric symbol, no institution; country and culture own this symbol. I can only emphasize this in small synopsis because the subject is complex. The formation of this symbol can be described as consciousness or Spirit floating in a Void, it then expanded its consciousness resulting in the first circle, and the circle divides and moves to the edge, this creates the Vesica Piscis. Within the Piscis, there is knowledge of width, length, depth, proportion, square roots of two, three, five, and importantly information of light. It will move five times further creating the seed of life or some call it the ‘Genesis pattern.’ Each day of the book of Genesis can equate to each circle of the seed of life. On the second day the circle moved thus creating light, first sentence of Genesis states; “And the Earth was without form, and Void – and darkness was upon the face of the deep, and the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. God said; ‘let there be light’ and there was light.” The key here is in the order, God moved, and then came light. After three spheres you get the Holy Trinity – on the fourth day of creation one half creations was completed – on the fifth day more information – on the sixth day a geometric miracle appears and the circle completes a six-pedal flower. The Bible formation was created in six days. (Jordan Duchnycz, n.d)

When you continue with more circles you get the Egg of Life, by connecting those centres you will see a cube; this is also the morph-genic structure that created your body. Each cell’s around the egg has Zona Pellucida, if you get rid of that and add more circles then you get the fruit of life with a thirteen-pattern circle. Combining male lines to the circles by adding straight lines to every circle, then what you get is Metatron’s Cube; all five plutonic solids can be found in the Metatron’s Cube. This is where alchemy came from, is also where the zero-point energy comes from. Everything about the elements of realty are tied together from Plutonic solids that comes from Metatron’s cube, which is formed out of the Fruit of Life, which comes from the Flower of Life that is made by Spirit. (Jordan Duchnycz, n.d)

Richard Feynman says, “it’s too simple, too connected,” well … ‘yes’ and ‘no,’ like I said complexity mixed in with simplicity, his right about being connected and the Tao (God) is a poet. He later then says, “Aspect of God, came to Earth,” meaning Christ. This is hard for some to formulate because it exercises miracles, well a Buddhist has no problems with miracles, and the practice of Psyche (Magic) was around before Christ. So, by describing the miracle of birth coinciding with the flower of Life creation, ‘do you see’ we ourselves are the product of miracles and that we are part of the Tao (God). Only difference with Christ is he was free from the Adamic X chromosome, this dives into Theology and History, that’s for another thesis.

Sam Harris again states: “let’s say a three-day embryo has a Soul, worthy of our moral concern, there are problems that await this description. Embryos can split, we call them identical twins, is this a case one splitting into two Souls, Embryos can fuse and become a Chimera, where is the other Human Soul, it’s time we realize that this arithmetic of souls doesn’t make any sense.” Well … with the flower of life I described, its basic doubling down, Embryos splitting means there are two sets of Flowers of Life, each with its own consciousness, made even more special with an inherent psyche connection. As adults a twin can feel his or her sibling’s emotions, even if they live in different cities, it only further supports a psyche connection and consciousness. Harris’s strategy to claim that only singular souls per one Embryo can manifest and therefore is an absolute, this is speculation – when the egg splits into two it creates two possibilities, both generating its own flower of life by which each gets its own light and life.

VS Ramachandran on Split-Brain Patient claims in his lecture: “so, now here’s the big question; do you believe in God? So, the right hemisphere of the brain says yes, and then the same question to the left hemisphere, they answer no. So, here is a human being, with right brain saying yes, left saying no. So, if these people die, does one right hemisphere go to heaven, left hemisphere go to hell.” In the middle of that statement he also says that this finding should have sent Tsunami to the theology community, but it barely made a ripple. It didn’t raise a ripple because it’s not that profound. Instead, their reaction is like an equilibrium water state, and here’s why?

There is a flow of energy between males and females – males are focused and the females are creative and random, neither is greater or weaker than the other, both can be powerful when manifested. The left-brain hemisphere is rational, practical, orderly, logical, strategic, linear, analytical, and mathematical. The right brain hemisphere is creative, artistic, poetic, yearns, sensual, passionate and imaginative. Being a species; we are primarily left brain, we have a male energy in-balance. Both male and female have both left and right brain hemispheres, meaning we can exercise both as one. Ramachandran is hinting that they are completely separate, and that there are two consciousness’s in one brain, or one consciousness splitting into two, one for the left and one for the right. That’s not the case, you look at Ying Yang symbol, black and white looks separate they are actually one. There is an illusion of duality, when in fact we are one, each male and female have both male and female energy in them. (Jordan Duchnycz, n.d)

Leonard Susskind says: “I don’t believe the universe was designed by an intelligence, I believe the same way a human being was designed, through random mutation, a bunch of carbon oxygen and other stuff, for that mutation to work on. Upon this basic randomness, statistics and the law of physics that led to this design, same is true of the universe.” he is basically talking about evolution through Darwinism.

Well … in Dr. Stephen Meyer’s book, “Darwin Doubt.” Which is about the Cambrian explosion, and the geological sudden appearance of most of the major groups of animals in a geological period called the Cambrian, 530 million years ago. Darwin himself addressed this in his book. Meyer’s underlines two mysteries surrounding the doubt. Darwin believed life should unfold slow and gradual, he described life like a branching tree, and in the base of the tree it represented a one cell organism and all the terminal branches represented all the life we see today. The connecting branches represented intermediate forms that rose through time. He also thought this process should unfold slowly because his mechanism for natural selection acting on random variations also had to act slowly. Hence, what came to be were the fossil records, it was the first major group of animals that came on the scene – fully formed abruptly through the sedimentary layer. (Stephen Meyer, n.d)

Darwin hoped future Palaeontologist could find that missing sequence, but Meyer describes modern Palaeontologist findings only intensified the mystery, instead of alleviating the problem. Meyer’s underlines two mysteries concerning the doubt, one being the mystery of missing Fossils – the other, an engineering problem, what is the information generating life? If you want to build life through non-living chemicals you need information in the form of D.N.A – to build the proteins to make cells viable, but if you want to build new life from pre-existing form you need reams of digital code. This requires everything to be new and all of those require information. Natural selection and random mutation is inept mechanism for generating new information, random information degrade, and mutated cells also starts to degrade, it’s mathematically improbable to find new genes or proteins for the time allowed in the evolutionary process. (Stephen Meyer, n.d)

Meyer’s describes intelligent design, is the idea of certain features of biological system that is best explained by an intelligent cause, rather than an undirected process, such as natural selection acting on random mutation. (Stephen Meyer, n.d)

Leonard Susskind remarks is just opinion based, they are not facts. By his logic he should have wavering feelings because of ‘Darwin Doubt,’ he basically believes in a myth formulated by Darwin’s incomplete scientific truth.

Stephen Fry on the natural world says: “the wonder of nature must be taken in its totality, it is a wonderful thing, it’s absolutely marvelous, and the ideas of an Atheist or Humanist don’t marvel and wonder at reality, is nonsensical. The point is we wonder all the way, we don’t just stop and say that which I don’t understand I will call God. This is what man-kind has done, historically. God was absolutely everything 1000 years ago because we understood almost nothing about the natural world, so it could all be God, as we understood more, God receded and receded, so suddenly now, he is barley anywhere.”

What Stephen Fry is basically saying is that an Atheist or Humanist “goes all the way” in trying to understand how the world works, and how things are and by disregarding their ability to marvel at nature is nonsensical. This is not true, ‘how you can go all the way,’ by not taking into account meta-physics, quantum theory, and mystery religion. Then he assumes we know as much as we did to know what we know now 1000 to 2000 years ago, and by that believing in God is people’s default thinking. The truth is never that simple; human history goes far back as 100, 000 years (maybe even millions). We knew a lot more back then, than we can possibly know now. We were far more intelligent back then, (research hidden history, Atlantis and the Mystery Schools) it is through Greek history, and through the Middle Ages and renaissance; we were at the lowest part of our history in terms of knowledge (with exclusion to Pythagorean schools and many Philosophers). We are now starting to wake up to the realization and knowledge of our beginnings, our world view is now changing from an old Newtonian paradigm, to a quantum crystallized spiritual viewpoint, and soon disbelieving God will recede, and in the possible future, this reductionist point of view will cease to exist as well.

Garrett Lisi a particle physicist describes a discovery in the scientific field (it’s less of a discovery, but a rediscovery of what has been written before in esoteric texts), that describes that having automatous free will is a given, but we’re also part of a whole. Quantum mechanics suggests a continual branching out of possibilities, as humans we experience time individually as one possibility. What it comes down to is the consensus of geometry and its interaction between elementary particles that can be enhanced when everything is in balance. He demonstrates how particles that create point-particles really work, when they plot them out and shows how they move; the result was a string of sacred geometric symbols.

Atheists and the Extreme Religious Right (02):

I’ll conclude with the first verse of the ‘Tao Ti Ching.’ “The Tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao. The name that can be named is the eternal name. The Tau is both named and nameless. As nameless it is the origin of all things; as named it is the Mother of 10,000 things. Ever desire-less, one can see the mystery; ever desiring, one sees only the manifestations. And the mystery itself is the doorway to all understanding.” – Lao Tza

Michael Keefe.



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