Atheists and the Extreme Religious Right (03):

Part Three:  A Post New-Atheism World, And the Dangers of the New-Fundamentalist Christian.

The extreme religious right that stem from the Evangelical Southern Baptist Christian groups has literal viewpoint of what Satan is, and that he is literally responsible for everything that is bad in the world. In Gnosticism one speaks of the Demiurge (the architect of creation, a god, but not the True God) is also known as the evil mind aka Jehovah.

Some have concluded that Satan can also represent the Demiurge; I can go along with both of these representations, but not so much as to impose ‘Lucifer’ as ‘Satan’ because there is a clear distinction.

From their perspective when the truth of God had been revealed through the person of Jesus; ancient cosmology had been given its full context. That the distinction between the creator and creation was made clear and the futility of those first fallen angels was made plain to see. Satan therefore had to reinvent the narrative and repackage himself and his message – in order to convince the people of his worship as a supreme being. Satan for fundamentalist is ‘Lucifer’ even though there is no historical text that can prove this, there is a separation (but it’s for another subject).

This narrative or this new angle that he would implement is not relatively new in history – the passing down of hidden knowledge that would result in using our pride and arrogance to further propel it. The passing down of occult knowledge (although fundamentalist likes to use the word gnosis as well – in a clever way to re-imagine Gnosticism as to something nefarious that aligns itself with the occult – which is really non-gnosis or anti-gnosis interpretation from a fundamentalist hiding itself as an anti-gnostic-fundamentalist-Christian; true gnosis requires something else entirely). This forbidden knowledge was re-branded as science and much of the groundwork was already in place from philosophers of Greece, and eventually would become sanctified and become harmonious with the teaching of the Bible, this harmony would go on towards the renascence.

Their influence started to carry weight amongst theologians and scholars throughout most of the predominant European Christian Countries. Especially works from Hermes Trismegistus that was translated from Latin, then circulated among the intellectuals – Kabala and Alchemy was also getting attention, the three doctrines formed the basis of materialistic concept of what we know as ‘science.’ So, science’s origin story comes from those pioneers that were greatly influenced by occult manuscripts as the core tenant of mysticism from the likes of Newton, Copernicus, Bruno and so forth. However, in saying this it’s still a reductionist view – it’s an attempt to simplify those pioneers as mere re-packagers of ancient knowledge that came before – what is missing is that they also brought something new; something of their own to the material concept that doesn’t inherently tie in with their absolute cosmological viewpoint.    

Quantum physics as we know today had its beginnings as Atomism and Atomism has a similar aspect of breaking things down to particle theory, Atomism soon became Quantum theory – this gave way to nuclear physics that centered on central Europe. There has to be question as to where the predominant physicists at that time came from, the likes of; Niels Bore, Zillard, Albert Einstein, Oppenheimer Bros, and Edward Teller – they all come from central Eastern Europe a geographical area where the oral tradition of Kabala was strongest in Europe. And therefore, it’s safe to assume that there was a clear attempt to make quantum physics fit with Kabala.

Theoretical Physicists Michio Kaku states: “I’m a theoretical Physicists and I like to say I walk in the footsteps of giants like Albert Einstein and Niels Bore, I’m not a philosopher, however I’m rather dazzled by the fact that many of the basic mysteries that we find in string theory and the theory of everything seemed to be mirrored in the Zohar and in the Kabbala.” This awareness is not singular to Kaku, but among the rest of the scientific Physicists community as well. They’re concerned about the New Age ceasing upon these discoveries as confirmation of the occult knowledge during the renascence that it would suggest that they were right about such notion that was written in Kabala and other ancient form of Hermeticism.

There are two aspects of the scientific community that seems to have two different agendas that combine together like a fork on the road joining to one main road. One aspect of science is the propaganda aspect that employs non-scientists (or actors) as scientists (or Scientism agents) for the purpose of setting up many iconographic front men as a direct answer (but wasn’t always the case decades ago) to the ever-growing Flat Earth movement questions – to also align themselves with an Atheistic ideology – to instill in the masses a hyperreal notion of space to be an absolute, when it’s an illusion. What are absolute are particles which most physicists would agree upon although most of those physicists also believe in the hyperreal-space notion. The other aspect of this agenda is the uncertainty part that correlates with observer aspect (I say uncertainty because particles can’t be measured, but waves left by particles can) – which in turn led to a simulated theory aspect, there is still process of discovery going on. For the most part a simulation, holographic or infinite parallel dimensions paradigm is almost certain at this point, to much evidence is piling up to say otherwise. Is there an agenda for this part, common logic would suggest they would hide this, but they are letting everybody know – which suggest something else is at work? So, one aspect science is propagandizing with atheistic viewpoint and the other advocating a simulacrum, which leads to a creator (or an intelligent designer), how can both exist in the same banner as science. I guess one is business model with a nihilism concept and other a business model with varying degrees of truth.

The new-Atheist movement is at a decline much in the same way as Globalism, in the title of John Ralston Saul’s book the ‘Collapse of Globalism’ One little aspect of Ralston’s book through his own synopsis States: “That ideologies come and go, God, Kings, Dictators and so forth – we went through a period of 30 to 40 years where for the first time in history economics has been promoted from 3 to 4 in the rank of importance to number one. It’s the most important thing and everything is seen through economics – civilizations is being dragged or structured through the lens of economics. The loss of humanism and the citizen as a source of legitimacy has now taken a back seat to economics, which has become the new source for legitimacy.” Therefore, the hyperreal-space notion is at a decline in people’s world view because economics forms a sort of legitimacy, but you won’t find NASA losing its grant money that’s in the billions any time soon, if it did it would affect the other science departments that play on the ideas of simulation. So, there is a morphing of mutual exclusivity between the sciences because they’re economically funded.         

The anti-gnostic-conspiracy-Christian-fundamentalist would speculate what is at work – they have concluded that Quantum theory is just a repackaged occult worldview, which is a magical worldview that has been made to look refined; polished and empirical, but has been guided all along. That all stems from Babylonian mysticism, and that Atomism is an occult teaching birthed by demons that is intrinsic to Pantheism (Monotheism) that was re-booted by Alchemy and Hermeticism that gave way to the scientific revolution. That at the core of occultism (or divination) – the practitioners do not believe that he is being fooled by demons, regardless of what method of practice they use, Tarot Cards, Wigi Boards, Sigils, and so forth. Speculating that it would result in a physical manifestation by spiritual beings, and they could also manipulate particles itself. Therefore, the demonic realm could manipulate those results – which are suggestive, meaning that double slit experiments had been manipulated – so, as to further technology regarding Cern and other Colliders to perpetuate the coming of the literal anti-Christ ‘Satan.’

‘You just have to shake your head, and laugh’ not at the concept because I’m conspiracy buff, but at the audacity to portray subjects that lean towards esoteric or occult knowledge – to something that can be summed up or simplified in fundamentalist propaganda model sprinkled with a veneer of aethereal surface layer, when they are inducing theological speculation. The kind of stuff they can come up with, it’s clear they love to reduce, simplify, slander, exclude their own Christian history and re-interpret anything that can match their fundamentalist viewpoint. What I’ve noticed is that they become good at indexing occultism and esotericism, which is ironically a good starting point, but they do not give it or elaborate on what meaningful insights those teachings can bring – you have to look at those actual subjects deeply before you can make any conclusion. They suggest that science came from Kabala and Hermeticism, which is true, and those esoteric teachings started in the Babylonian Mystery Schools – however, so did Christianity and the Bible itself was birthed in the Babylonian Mystery Schools (or Cults). Science could be the result or the evolution of Kabala and Hermeticism because science is its own machine. Much like how Christianity was formed that resulted in numerous denominations.     

You have to realize much like the ‘D/Tao’ that [Christianity is a way, even Jesus’s earliest followers were known as ‘the way’ even before “Christian” was coined (Acts 9:2, 11:26). A way implies direction, here the direction of the seeker as he or she moves toward God. Everything changes when one embarks upon “the way.” Having decided to move toward God, one finds that certain forces help while other forces stand in opposition. Hence Christianity tends to view the opposition in much the same fashion; the Hebrew word satan, from which the devil’s proper name is derived, means “opponent.” The devil is simply the sum total of the cosmic forces that oppose the journey toward God – viewed as a conscious person. Individual thoughts and desires that oppose our way are known as ‘demons’ or ‘evil spirits’’ esoterically these are the “enemies” mentioned by the Psalmists.  While Christianity is not the first of the world religions to view evil in this light (that honor probably goes Zoroastrianism), it is the one that has emphasized it the most. The struggle with the devil can be viewed, then, as wrestling with everything that moves us away from God. -Richard Smoley, Jay Kinney]   

It’s pretty straightforward that the anti-gnostic-conspiracy-Christian-fundamentalist are embarking in a sort of digital-evangelical-missionary work to show the way, but it’s not really the true way because it employs a sort of intellectual militant point of view. Being digital it has habit of being amorphic and therefore change it enough to convey their fundamentalist-intellectual-militancy. It’s not because Christianity is under attack or under scrutiny it’s because there is a troublesome aspect in embracing or calling oneself a Christian when you know in doing so; results in all sorts of theological baggage – particularly that of Christian assumptions and morality only reinforced by decades of politicized fundamentalism.

The new-Atheist groups from the likes of Dawkins and Harris are starting to lose its hold on their not so demoralized followers – now that something new has come up to challenge them. It’s a given that Christians will always challenge them, it’s inevitable perpetual conflict, but that something new is not entirely new, but a rediscovery of an absolute truth; absolute in the sense that what goes up must come down or the ground in which we stand is transfixed or still. Was this new-Atheist movement a sort of resistance to the counter reformation against irrationality seeping into the managerial class (the betas to the elite) was brought about for them, and was cleverly collaborated and executed; using tactics like (puritan) shaming.

Dawkins himself admitted in an interview with Ben Stein that nobody knows how the universe started that we can only postulate that sort of event that might have been for the origin of life to occur, it would have to be a self-replicating molecule. When prompted with a question of the possibility of intelligent design, he answered by stating; “In some early time somewhere in the universe a civilization evolved probably in some kind of Darwinian means to a very a high-level of technology, and designed the form of life that they seeded onto perhaps this planet. That is a possibility an intriguing one and I suppose you can find evidence for that in the details of bio-chemistry/molecular biology that you might find a signature of some sort of designer – and that designer could be a higher intelligence. That higher intelligence itself had to come about by an explicable process, and it couldn’t just jump into existence spontaneously, that’s the point.” So, Stein summarizes that Dawkins is not against intelligent design just certain types of designers such as God.      

I feel there is a subtle reverberation with Dawkins statement between people and not a positive one that they are unknowingly listening to type of science-fiction (or a myth) disguised as probable theories, I can recall William Shatner stating that science-fiction and science is one and the same, for a gnostic this can ring true. This is what Dawkins has done in a subtler way. There is a hint of Ancient Astronaut Theology going on – of a literal Alien God and not the one described in Gnosticism for the True God is often described as an Alien God, but something more literal something more Archon like. [The Gnostic creation myths portrayed the creator of this world as an imperfect lesser god, known as the Demiurge or Yaltabaoth, who was the inadvertent result of an attempt by Sophia (Wisdom) – a feminine facet of the true God – to experience the act of creation of her own. According to some versions of the myth, Yaltabaoth in turn created still lesser planetary rulers called Archons, and the world itself, including Man. -Richard Smoley, Jay Kinney]

The only difference is that Gnostics believe in a True God, and Dawkins does not, he cleverly adopted ancient alien theology to his own God Delusion propaganda. I guess because it can match a hyperreal-space notion. Furthermore, he adopted Erich Von Daniken concept on ‘Cargo Cults’ for his book ‘The God Delusion’ of how advanced technology exposure can effect tribal cultures, and hints that Christianity began the same way as the cargo cults, he states; “The entire history of some of these cults, from initiation to expiry, is wrapped up within living memory. Unlike the cult of Jesus, the origins of which are not reliably attested, we can see the whole course of events laid out before our eyes (and even here, as we shall see, some details are now lost) It is fascinating to guess that the cult of Christianity almost certainly began in very much the same way, and spread initially at the same high-speed.”

He would describe how those cultures would have felt, he says: “It seems that in every case the islanders were bowled over by the wondrous possessions of the white immigrants to their islands, including administrators, soldiers and missionaries. They were perhaps the victims of (Arthur C.) Clarke’s Third Law, which I quoted in Chapter 2: ‘Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.’” Just exactly what is he trying to infer? – That Jesus was an Alien and that followers of Jesus became cults because he seemed magically/technologically superior. Or was he’s trying to infer by those two quotes is that the god-man Jesus “began the same way” as the cargo cults, softened by liking it to a famous Ancient-Astronaut narrative by Arthur C. Clarke. This is akin to a kind of heresy – the fundamentalist Christians will surely think so, but also mainstream Christians.

Atheism could be the effect of a dominant church history spanning two millennia, what if that history wasn’t so rigid, or didn’t happen. You will find out that spiritual experience is the driving force that propelled many earliest believers, and among followers of this new religion there were many approaches. This was the approach of the Gnostics, and among modern followers of the spirit comes with it, the same sense of alienation. And this is where the distinction arises – to dispel or question the notion of a cargo-cult theology that is inherently material with a pinch of sci-fi. This is because both cargo-Cult and a Panspermia theory require a container that is space, which does not exist, but only exists as hyperreal-space notion. A theory of dimensional barriers beyond the firmament is a theory that has more merit than a space notion. A localized universe doesn’t necessarily negate the existence of what we know to be as Aliens or Archons that was manifested by the Demiurge – who could have had a hand in our evolution as Human Beings.

Michael Keefe.



Richard Smoley and Jay Kinney, Hidden Wisdom, viewed 12 October 2017,

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