Fundamentalist Christians and its Wrong Approach to Spiritual Teachings:

Skepticism, Rationality and Faith are Your Shield Against Fundamentalist Christians (Updated from 23/10/2015)

Aside from atheists annoying detachment of God, both Atheists and Christians have one thing in common both believe, as Allan Watts puts it that the world is an ‘artifact’ of nature, how the artifact came into being is another matter. Previous essays I outlined that rationality breeds atheism. However, rationalism and skepticism is not a bad thing.

There are a lot of born again Christians out there. Their internal experience with spirituality automatically makes them follows Christ, due to their background and environment in which defines their individual beliefs and ideals. There seems to be a self-Elitism to the born-again Christians, their experience in the supernatural makes them think they are the chosen one. This viewpoint coupled with a strong Christian upbringing is a recipe for chaos. These types of experiences can occur in near-death experiences or sometimes taking hallucination drugs or by any other event in their lives. There is a slight difference between this experience and the experience of the presence, one of these can be self-Elitism over living beyond the ego.

There is vast difference between spirituality and religion, and many people are aware this. They have come to realize by having a firm belief system and regarding it as absolute truth, does not make you spiritual, no matter what nature of those beliefs are. This is the rigidity of Christian thinking unless you think like them, you are wrong in their eyes. With the influx of eastern teachings separating religion and spirituality became more apparent, and is more likely the Church took notice.

So, what we have now are intellectuals in Christian history that are using what is predominantly eastern belief systems, cutting and pasting those belief systems and fashioning something that can align with the New Testament. Their approach in recruiting people into to their institutions seems to also align with their propaganda. For example, let’s say a person who is a Christian has spiritual awakening, a spiritualist will equate this to the grace of God, and then reinforced into them with their own study the truth. However, the Christian will come to the realize it’s the grace of God and Christ, will then be identified as born again Christian and only through Christ you will be saved. See how this approach is dangerous and based on fear. Do you need the Bible when you know everything starts from spirit? Do you need to go through Christ in Order to be with God? When you have felt the love God, so pure and certain and absolute and you have been enlightened without the help of the Messiah? Fundamentalist Christians won’t have any of that, they will keep pushing only through Christ is the way, and that before in front of God you will be Judged. This is an absolute farce; see how fear is the structure in which they preach. The truth is, reaching Enlightenment is reaching Christ Consciousness, that’s what it means by through him you will be saved. God is love not fear.

On the notion of being saved is somewhat different in the gnostic point of view, that gnosis is about knowledge of divine reality. [The Gnostics seemed to define the remote God of the Pleroma as ineffable, which means indescribable, indicating that God is beyond the realm of mere things. – Richard Smoley, Jay Kinney]

All sorts of question can start to arise when you regulate the notion of being saved to an inverse form of solipsism – an answer that can stand apart from this militant notion [is that gnosis is knowledge of how we stand in relation to the Unknown God and the material universe. For the Gnostics, without knowledge of the Demiurge, the Archons, the bridal chamber, and most importantly, the route back to the pleroma, we cannot be “saved” but are doomed to wander in illusion both in this life and beyond. As in the Tibetan Buddhist doctrine of the bardos, one must maintain consciousness at one’s death and, armed with the right passwords, pass through a maze of astral worlds (referred to as “the middle” in The Gospel of Philip) until one reaches the realm of Light. Such an approach to gnosis links it to specific crucial information (perhaps acquired experientially) that is necessary for salvation. – Richard Smoley, Jay Kinney]

A great example of this inverse-solipsism comes from Kevin M Sullivan author and minister and he’s a born-again Christian. He describes his experience in his early twenties – where he went through an event in which he asked sincerely to Christ to reveal himself and come to his life. Where upon an energy of fire came through him and somewhat cleansed him, a huge weight was lifted from his chest – and from that experience he knew Christ was real. He would later through the study of the Bible; interprets that the fire was Christ spirit coming into his spirit and from this he was re-born again. In Sullivan’s experience he embodies the word “I”, and therefore it will be both the greatest error and deepest truth in his preaching’s and writings.

So, by having this experience and embodying the word “I”, together with the words “me,” “my,” “mine,” and “myself” is misleading because the word “I”, as Eckhart Tolle describes, “a primordial error, a misperception of who you are, an illusory sense of identity.” So, Kevin M Sullivan, would relate the passage in the Bible where the spirit must be born again – Kevin equates his experience with Christ Spirit coming into him – is ultimately an illusion he interprets it literally through an experience he had. The passage must be born again can be interpreted many ways, for example reaching Christ Consciousness can be the same as being born again. He defends this by saying “I know some people may not like to hear this, but I know it was Christ, because I’ve experienced him.” Do you see the word “I” being used repeatedly – he’s experience coupled with factual base knowledge of the Bible is misleading, and it doesn’t allow other people to be aware of God, instead it stifles it. This is what Albert Einstein calls “an optical illusion of consciousness,” and Eckhart Tolle says “the illusory self then becomes the basis of misinterpretations of reality, all thought process, interactions, and relationships. Your reality becomes a reflection of the original illusion.” This is not a dismissal on his experience, but on his process and interpretations. (Eckhart Tolle n.d)

He also states that if you’re not born again, if you don’t know him, you’re not ready for eternity – and that there is an evil wave of energy at work to lead people away. Those people who seek to push into the supernatural other than the ways of God, through divination, mediums, and psychics, it’s condemning the scripture – and is said in the scriptures not to go down that wrought – if you proceed in doing this, it can open up demonic situations. This is common trait now; for fundamentalist Christian to condemn any forms Esotericism, Gnosticism, Buddhism, and the Tao Te Ching, basically any institutions, that’s only purpose is to make people aware of their consciousness self. They will box those teachings into a form Esoteric Agenda – a conspiracy in which they are a part of. This is simultaneously true and also a conjecture and it doesn’t hold to scrutiny. He has self-aggrandizing himself to a prophet and weakening the beliefs of his own people (Christians) – does every Christians have to go through a near death in order to have Christ in them, and to be born again? Do you see how it’s more about controlling than redemption? The New Age is not helping usher in this New Order movement – Instead, it’s the Church and the New Age; no institution can stand outside the Globalists Elites. What does stand outside is your faith in God and in Christ, and also your awareness of Consciousness and Spirit.

For the divination, mediums and psychics practice that’s inherent in spiritual practice – it is said not to practice it according to the texts of the Bible, and is solely based on a warning not to do it – from keeping people away from harm. When channeling, or meditation there is no way of knowing whether or not you are contacting angelic spirits or demonic spirits, and why discernment should be practiced. In first John 4 1-3 it states “Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world. This is how you can recognize the spirit of God: Every spirit that acknowledges that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God, but every spirit that does not acknowledge Jesus is not from God.”

Buddha who is the supreme enlightened one sat under the Bodhi tree and meditated until he became enlightened, before that happened he was tempted by demon Mara, who used violence, sensory pleasure and mockery in attempt to prevent the Buddha from attaining enlightenment. In Buddhist cosmology, Mara personifies unskillfulness, the “death” of the spiritual life. He is a tempter, distracting humans from practicing the Buddhist dharma through making the mundane seem alluring, or the negative seem positive. Buddhism use the concept of Mara to represent and personify negative qualities found in the human ego and psyche. The stories associated with Mara remind Buddhists that such demonic forces can be tamed by controlling one’s mind, cravings and attachments.

So even Buddha the supreme enlightened one was challenged by a demon, the demon Mara demanded to know who would testify that Buddha was worthy of attaining ultimate wisdom, and his demon army rose up to support him, Buddha said nothing… and then he reaches down and touches the earth with his fingers and the earth shook, and the demons fled. And then Buddha says “the earth is my witness,” “Mara you are not the earth, the earth is right here,” accepting the earth as it is. Mara was gone. Then, he meditated through the night, and his former life passed before him, he remembered visually, he gained the power of birth and rebirth, the cosmic vision of the entire universe. Then, he said my mind is at “peace,” then the heaven shook the Bodhi tree rained down flowers, he had become the awaken one – the “Buddha.”

There is phenomenon out there becoming more predominate as the amount of sensitive people arise, and that is demon possession when people are sleeping, and sometimes even when people are about to sleep, but still awake gets possessed. There more commonly known as Incubus and Succubus, some of the symptoms are, a ringing tone in the ear, inability to move, a pressure in the chest, your mind being hacked or electrical synopsis firing more and faster than usual similar or is a mind epileptic fit. If possession can occur in sleep or when you’re about to sleep – by the Bible and the Fundamentalist Christian’s logic we shouldn’t sleep, due to voluntary and involuntary practices of divination. The brain creates DMT in the brain that’s responsible for dreams, when Incubus and Succubus attack the person’s dreams are vivid often feels like, there are not in control of it. Ayahuasca is a plant drug that Sharman’s use for spiritual healing on people, this plant induces DMT and is Holistic – and it’s like (from what I gathered through the interpretations of shamans that it feels like) dreaming while awake. This plant is natural and is part of the whole. Therefore, dreams, holistic-healing, meditation are concepts of the natural and does not exist in the Fundamentalists Christian’s condemnation; when such event happens to people naturally without their control – their argument is mute.

Satanism, Occultism has their own form of magic(k), which is based on evil worship and sacrifice – why would Christian Fundamentalist group in the New Age with this group? I suspect to further their fundamentalist agenda and to keep people in state of fear and for that I have no doubt. There is no doubt that the extreme political left controls the extreme religious right, which is offset of Fundamentalist Christian Church.

If you’re a musician there is a concept of improvisation, musicians know about this – when you’re playing a song through an instrument and improvising, sometimes you get into a zone, all of sudden you are not playing the instrument; instead the instrument is playing you. It’s when you know all the notes sub-consciously and there is little need to think about it, but what is the force that is driving the song notes to play? There tapping into the ether, this is where artists conjure their imagination from, and in doing so have finer intuition. Schopenhauer calls “the man who is endowed with imagination is able, as it were, to call up spirits.” Fundamentalist Christians won’t allow for this, in this act of divine creative nature or is it an act of divination, so you see it does not hold up to this basic human faculty of intuition and imagination. This is why Alan Watt’s comment holds weight when he says: “we don’t need the Bible, when we know we have spirit.”

The Tao teachings emphasize awareness of the Tao – the Tao Te Ching came before the Buddha teachings; their basic teaching is being aware of the Tao in yourself and the natural world. Sitting and watching the sway of the tree, seeing aspect of nature in small animals like ants – this is in a sense a low meditative state. The notion of sitting down with cross legs is just a detail in how a Yoga, Zen and Sage teachers sit. Being aware of breathing is meditative also – so, do you see how nature is part of creative artifact, and for the Church teachers to dismiss nature, is also dismissing your nature and spirit, even though they are an agent of the spiritual Church.

Eckhart Tolle says “What is spiritual realization? The belief that you are spirit, “no,” that’s a thought. A little closer to the truth then the thought that believes you are who your birth certificate says you are, but still a thought. Spiritual realization is to see clearly that what I perceive, experience, think, or feel is ultimately not who I am that I cannot find myself in all those things that continuously pass away. The Buddha was probably the first human being to see this clearly, and so Anata (no self) became one of the central points of his teaching. When Jesus said, “deny thyself,” what he meant was: Negate (and thus undo) the illusion of self. “I” the self-ego-were truly who I am, it would be absurd to “deny” it.” (Eckhart Tolle n.d)

Kevin M Sullivan proclaims that while also being a minister, he also banishes bad spirits that’s possessed by people. He also has knowledge of all different types of spirits out there, and one of those he mentions in his Darkness radio interview, is Familiar Spirits – familiar spirits act like an angel of light to deceive when in fact their demon spirits. It is said not to practice such divination and yet he does himself, and he has not accepted that maybe the fire spirit that came into him, might actually be an angelic spirit, and not Christ. All the archetypes of Christ appearing in people come in as light, he appears in front of them and people seem profound by it, and they start to cry, everybody cries when they see Christ. Grant Morrison a comic book writer went through a near death and when he saw Christ, Christ said to him, “I’m not the God of your father; I’m the hidden stone that breaks all men’s hearts.” Jesus came to him, in Gnostic form.

Aside from Buddha or anyone that goes through similar spiritual practice, the act of awakening is an act of grace. Once you have presence Eckhart Tolle says “You can either try to go on as if nothing has happened, or you can see its significance and recognize the arising of awareness as the most important thing that can happen to you. Opening yourself to the emerging consciousness and bringing its light into this world then becomes the primary purpose of your life.” “I want to know the mind of God? Einstein said ‘the rest are details.’ ‘What is the mind of God?’ Consciousness.” (Eckhart Tolle n.d)


Michael Keefe.



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