Its Dysfunction and Its Attachment to the Wrong Monster:

The Far-Right (fascists) has a hand in most fringe subjects that relate to UFO stories, ET-whistleblowers, MK-Ultra, Artichoke, Deep State torture and abuse project, corporation like IGFarbon and Merc, and eugenics campaigns – that can all cross-reference into the occult and cutting-edge technology; this fascist side seems to be making itself known ever so slightly as we proceed into the future.

I would add to this that the Far-Right goes further back than post world-war that sparked modern fringe subjects that relate to certain conspiracies like UFOs – there was a definite revitalization post world-war, especially in the political realm and also the American Security Council (which is said to be an outpost for the Far-Right; while also being a vast intelligent network), but the seeds were already planted during the colonial/Columbia era, that was Eurocentric based, coupled with the fact that most of the financial backing was by the Windsor’s, which the name ‘Windsor’ happens to be German in origin.

I would add [the Christian right has always been a racial radical movement that broke away from American Protestantism, then trickled down to become The Christian Identity movement which was a British Israelite movement as well. With the emergence of other churches to their cult it started to become anti-Semitic, then it found common cause with another fringe group “the two seeds” which gave the notion of two dividing bloodline; the evil bloodline from Cain and the good bloodline from Seth whose father was Adam. This became popular in the south; than the Christian Identity movement claimed they are the Aryans (white skin) and were the original true Israelites and that Jews were biological descendants of Satan. After a while they formed a secret group, to go against or revolutionize against the so-called “Zionist Occupation government” they failed and they reconsidered their plans for racial warfare. During the last decades of the 20th century they spread the racist paganism and neo-Nazi ideology and overlapped with the Christian right (evangelism) and Ku Klux Klan. – The Element Encyclopedia of Secret Societies] Now at the modern times – this Christian movement has become Zionistic friendly a polar opposite of their original ideology (one wonders what kind of agenda is being played).

Often the term racism has a surface layer definition rarely do we know (or we have forgotten) that it has long ties to history and along with it the destruction of the human spirit. The native indigenous peoples had among themselves an understanding of Alchemy; although they didn’t use that particular term, they used something that is akin to spirit in their own language. Alchemy is about the balance of true-science and the true understanding of spirit, but in our current modernity Alchemy has been split between the physical and the spirit. The physical could be understood in some way through an understanding of science, and you have the non-physical (or spirit), which the native cultures were heavily in-tuned with; were somewhat regulated to superstition when Colonials came.

The term known as ‘Manifest-Destiney’ is an alchemical linguistic term that subconsciously creates a mentality based upon a particular action, and the action was genocide. Also, the destruction of nature coupled with the demonization of the indigenous aboriginal people – by adopting terms (like, primitive, savages) that twist the image of who they really were. The colonials who saw themselves as the next evolution of Elitism had a ‘destiny’ to conquer and destroy these people – who were labeled as savages and primitive. The Colonial Elites personified mainstream religion as a way to push off the façade of having a spiritual connection, in a way to minimize their guilt (if their even capable of such emotion).

Race itself is fiction. The concept of Race has no genetic or biological basis. All human beings are closely related to one another, and at the same time each human being is unique. Advances in genetics have demolished any concept of taxonomies (race class), by taking DNA as the criterion of classification. In human terms DNA dismantles the idea of race completely. At the same time, it’s in your interest to know that the melaninated genetics are more dominant than the Caucasian genetics, which are recessive – this indicates that the probable future will always have a significant loss of the white population; this is backed by science findings. What is scary is that this information was known to the colonial elites – and would probably lean into some of the reasons for the colonial (and white-supremacy) program to proceed, that resulted in mass genocide.

Our freedom is slowly being sliced away layer by layer; you can observe it in your state and City just by being aware of it. Our freedom is fundamentally an illusion in as sense we have lost our sense of synchronistic whole within the universe, this belief that we are apart is a [“deformation of the idea of consciousness”, this is what Erich From called “the freak of the universe”. We alone “can feel evicted from paradise”. What is paradise? It is the unconscious participation in the inner structure of the universe. “This psychic homelessness”, can be then adapt to the individual which can grow hate, can manifest anger in the ego, – John R.S n.d] than what you get is anti-Islam protesters, protesting against the wrong monster, in a way protesting against themselves.

Racism is sign of unintelligent and uneducated mind; it creates separateness and false ideologies while reinforcing the individual belief. This creates fear, hate, and intolerance and makes the individual the enemy. The human condition seems to need monsters, but the greatest monsters are the Elite Mafia running this world, through every bit of the infrastructure from reserve banks to government, media, and corporation. It’s not that we need monsters; it’s that monsters are here, and it owns you.

If you still think that extremist Muslims is solely responsible for 911; stop reading this, and go back to watching your programmed propaganda news (media TV). A war in terror is in fact a war in our freedom and is not exclusive to anyone outside the established elite circles. There is goal to get rid of the middle class, hence de-population agendas that’s in place, weather tampering (harp), chemtrails, fluoride in water supplies, mandatory altered Vaccinations, G.M.A foods and soon the mandatory computer chipping of civilian people. Religious text describes this as the mark of the beast, and when their focus is lessened in the Middle East; there focus will be set on you, the middle class.

What is ISIS? The documents clean break, which was produced for Benjamin Netanyahu in 90s, by the Neokongs in the U.S, people like Richard Pearl and others, advocate that Israel should target Syria, Iraq, and Iran, and would align themselves with other countries in achieving those targeted countries, this game is still being played at current times. In the early years of 2000s, the same Neocons in the U.S that was the Boyd Bush administration, they had a document for a front operation, called “The project for the new American century,” calling for the U.S to fight the same targeted countries. One year after 2000, we had 911, The Media helped with this cover story. In this document “project for a new American”, it revealed a new Pearl Harbor was required to justify the wars implemented; hence a year later 911 came. And so, countries that’s targeted that’s mentioned in the Clean Break and the New American documents, were bombed, and we watched it happened, broadcast over the news, programmed as we were, being fed lies to consume deceit, while innocence lives were lost. So, after 911 soldiers went to Afghanistan to find the man responsible. The cover story which everybody believed, which some still do, along with the notion of weapons of mass destruction lie, to justify invasion of Iraq. Then, they removed Gadhafi, on the basis of killing his own people, which the people he was in conflict with, was armed mercenaries trained and funded by the west. Then, they went to Syria to try overthrowing Assad, but he is still there refusing to budge. So here we have ISIS, which is clearly a creation of the U.S, claiming its part of Syria, but in fact a well-functioning paid mercenary. So, the U.S Creates a terror group, then the U.S use’s Government and military in response to the terror group they created. (David Icke, n.d)

Russia is exposing the paper trail, Vladimir Putin says “politician’s that’s in power in the U.S is erroneous, not only it contradicts our national interests, it undermines any trust that we had in the U.S., in that way it harms the U.S as well, with the understanding that they are part of the global leaders, in politics and in matters of the economy. I can stay silent on many things, but one-sided actions on a continuing search for the next “alliance” and coalitions which are predetermined…This is not a method that seeks to discuss and agree on mutual grounds of understanding. These are one-sided actions, they lead to crises, and I’ve said this before. Another threat that President Obama mentioned was ISIS, well who on earth armed them? Who armed the Syrians that were fighting with Assad? Who created the necessary political/ informational climate that facilitated this situation? Who pushed for the delivery of arms to the area? Do you really not understand as to who is fighting in Syria? They are mercenaries, mostly. Do you understand they are paid money? Mercenaries fight for whichever side pays more. So, they arm them and pay them certain amounts, I even know what these amounts are. Then, they occupy the oil fields, wherever; in Iraq, in Syria, they start extracting the oil and this oil purchased by somebody. Where are the sanctions on the parties purchasing this oil? Is it not their allies that are buying oil from ISIS? The U.S has power to Influence their allies, or is it because they do not wish to influence them. Then, why bomb ISIS? In area where they started extracting oil and paying mercenaries more, in those areas, the rebels from ‘civilized’ Syrian opposition forces immediately joined ISIS, because they are paid more. I consider this absolutely unprofessional politics; it is not grounded facts, in the real world. We must support civilized, democratic opposition in Syria.” (Vladimir Putin n.d)

Awareness of wrong Ideologies of freedom is starting to rise, people are starting to wake up to this Deceit – so when you have anti-Islam protesters protesting against certain ideals that are …by all account a manufactured propaganda, you’re instead declaring support for a deceitful agenda. This deceit is helped by western media, just another branch of well-organized machine. You don’t need Globalism if unity is in the hearts and minds of people.

There is a teaching in Hinduism, that best describes this collective mental illness, they call it “maya”, the veil of delusion, Buddhists call this “dukkha”, which means suffering, or un-satisfactoriness. Christian teachings call this collective state of humanity is “original sin”, this is misinterpreted, but what it really means is to miss the mark, so to sin is to miss the point of human existence. This collective mental illness is our “Inherited Dysfunction”; this dysfunction was more prevalent in the 20th century, two world wars, and horrible acts of the Holocaust, Spanish Civil war, and Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia, etc. The infliction on the planet and wildlife animals, the destruction of Oxygen producing rainforests, if continued could lead to destruction. (Eckhart Tolle, n.d)

In Tao teaching the 60th verse: Governing a large country Is like frying a small fish. You spoil it with too much poking. Approach the universe with the Tao and evil will have no power. Not that evil is not powerful, but its power will not be used to harm others. Not only will it not do harm to others, But the sage himself will also be protected. If only the ruler and his people would refrain from harming each other, all the benefits of life would accumulate in the kingdom.  – Lao Tza

Dr. Wayne W.Dyer, interpretation of this, verse of the Tao Te Ching, is about changing your viewpoint of evil in your personal world, as well as the entire planet. This can be done by having inner awareness that evil simply can’t influence you if you’re centred within the protective net of the Tao. (Dr. Wayne W.Dyer n.d)

The Tao isn’t about destruction or visiting harm on anyone; rather it gives sustaining energy to everyone without exception. When people violate this principle, they’re only successful when others respond in kind, this is when war erupts and dissension becomes present in the family and the community. Negativity then begets negativity, and the leader or ruler will ultimately be destroyed as the larger grouping falls into chaos. (Dr Wayne W.Dyer n.d)

Update your viewpoint on the presence of malevolence in the world to one that emphatically affirms: “my loved ones and I cannot and will not be impacted by the presence of evil anywhere in the world.” Your inner landscape will immediately begin to change as well. So, when you see or hear reports of violent thinking and action, your immediate reaction must be, “this is not about me. I choose not to have any thoughts of harm directed to anyone by me. I am a being of light and love, and therefore the only thoughts that can emerge from me are in harmony with the great loving Tao.” In other words, whatever comes your way because of other people won’t evoke a plan of revenge and hatred. That’s because you’ve made yourself immune to negativity by being Tao centered. (Dr Wayne W.Dyer n.d)

Now you may think that this sounds too simplistic, but imagine if large numbers of people began thinking this way-and then imagine if rulers began to emerge from this kind of consciousness. As Lao Tzu says, “If only the ruler and his people would refrain from harming each other, all the benefits of life would accumulate in the kingdom.” Ultimately, our world must live by this principle or humanity will cease to exist…and begins with you. (Dr. Wayne W.Dyer n.d)

As you re-examine this passage of the Tao the Ching, see how it can influence your daily life. When negativity feels like it’s directed right at you, retreat to that place of kindness and love within and deflect that energy. Remember, it’s impossible to pick a fight with someone who refuses to fight! So, your refusal to enter into battle is your most potent weapon against evil. Become immune to such harmful thinking and action by knowing that none of this is about you. (Dr. Wayne W.Dyer n.d)

To advance beyond racism one has to advance beyond race, this notion wasn’t helped by Sartre called ‘anti-racist racism’, as with the Black Power movement and its cognates. It is understandable that communities which suffer prejudice and abuse should shelter behind a protective assumed identity; but identities grow rigid and become a source of new pieties, new excuses to repay evil with evil – and thereby indirectly entrench the very idea that lies at the root of the problem. (A.C Grayling n.d)

Michael Keefe.



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